About AzonFlyBox

The plugin uses a clever technique borrowed from New York Times website.
It allows you to show highly relevant Amazon ads on your site without looking spammy.

You must see in action to understand what I am saying.

When your readers scroll down and finish reading the page, logically they are ready to leave the page at that point this plugin displaying related amazon products.

I have a partner who have implemented this technique using his own created plugin (unfortunately he doesn’t sell it) who testified to me that this news site method has INCREASED his amazon earning significantly.

This plugin supports: 9 Amazon countries:,,,,,,,,

Thanks to Igor who made this plugin is available to us!



Now I have been thinking about what I can give you to complement this product instead of giving you a non related to this plugin, I have decided to give you a cool NEWS THEME that you can implement this plugin.

After all this method been used by NEWS SITE right??

So this would be perfect for you to create a niche news site and then put amazon products with this plugin right after your readers about to jump from the page.

Here is the news theme demo that I will give you as my bonus.


I’ll give you the developer license of that theme which means you can use the theme for unlimited domains of your own and clients and flip the site using the theme. 

Honestly It’s hard for me to give that theme as bonus but since this is a REAL limited time bonus (the timer is REAL and when it hits 0 this page is GONE) then it’s fine..

Time for you to take some actions.. Follow the STEPS as you can see above and make sure you REGISTER for the bonus.