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[BOGO] QR Code Generator & WP Quick Poll Plugin

Generate QR Code EASILY With This Cool Software and Own Exclusive MRR/Giveaway Right So That You Can Sell it for 100% Profits or GIVE IT Away To Build Your OWN Profitable Lists!

Dear Marketer,
Here is your chance to get hold of the latest QR Code Generator for  Windows XP & above. And best of all you can also get the Master Resell Right and the giveaway right. You can use it, sell it or even better give it away using the squeeze page we provided to build your own profitable list for a long term profit.
Unlike other QR Generator, this one is very easy use and user friendly. Just watch the demo video below:
Here is the deal:
* You’ll get the software with MRR/Giveaway Right
* You’ll get the graphics (including PSD files) and my personal squeeze page to giveaway the software to build your own list. You just need to edit it with your autoresponder code. Below is the screen shot of the squeeze page which is proven to give me from 45% to 55% sign up rate!

* PLUS you’ll get the WP Quick Poll Plugin below:

Take Visitors To Your WebSite By The Hand & Sell Them Exactly What They Want By Reading Their Minds!

NEW WordPress Plugin Converts Visitors To Your Site Into $$$$$

Imagine this …

Someone visits your website because they are looking for a solution to their problem.

You then read their mind to find out exactly what they want to buy and lead them straight to the product or solution that will help them and that they are most interested in buying from you.

Do you think that will increase the sales conversion on your site?

Introducing WP QUICK POLL …

A new wordpress plugin that will ask your visitors what they are looking for specifically and then lead them to the exact product that matches what they want.

Watch this over view video:

WP QUICK POLL is easy to set up and within a few minutes can start helping you make sales

Watch this setup video:

Here is what you can do with WP Quick Poll Plugin:

[Yes] Can resell product
[Yes] Can include as BONUS
[Yes] Can sell on Auction sites like eBay
[Yes] Can be bundled into a paid package.
[Yes] Can be added to a paid membership site
[Yes] Can use as giveaway

[No] Salesletter & images provided




WP List Pro – The Invisible List Builder!

WP List Pro is a wordpress plugin that acts like an invisible list builder which collects the name and email address of a person who comments on your blog and subscribes them to YOUR autoresponder!

This plugin opens up the opportunity to add an invisible optin form on each page of your blog so that when people enter their details to comment on your blog, they are REALLY entering their details into your optin form!

This is how it works,

You enter your auto responder code here and your redirect link here, and you are DONE!

Want to see it in action?

Just comment on the link below and see what happens!

==> Check It Out Click Here

Remember, like I said earlier

You’ve heard the numbers before, but let me give you a little reminder.
Marketers from the IM niche or pretty much any niche for that matter, are making $1 per subscriber per month, every month.

Let’s break down those numbers for you a bit more…

If Joe has a list of 10,000 people, on average his monthly income from that LIST ALONE should be
at least $10,000! Now, start scaling those numbers up in your head…

Yes, it gets that good!

Now, check out this scenario, if 20 different people comment on your blog daily, with this plugin, you can capture these 20 people’s name and email address and then redirect them WHEREVER you want! Sales page? Go for it. Affiliate offer? Sure why not! Literally anywhere.

Just like that…

$20 in additional monthly revenue DAILY without you LIFTING A FINGER!


Today You Get It With FULL MASTER RESELL RIGHT/Giveaway RIGHT. It comes with sales letter template and images!

You can build your own list FASTER giving away this HOT plugin! Just create a cool squeeze page using the template to give it away. Or You can SELL it on your own domain and keep 100% of profit.



Delayed Text Widgets Plugin

Attract MORE Eyeballs To Your Sidebar Offer in A Very COOL Way, NON Obtrusive Manner With This Cool Delayed Text Widgets Plugin

This is one of my favorite plugin that you can see it in action here in this very blog.

But to make it clear please watch this video below:

What this plugin does is it slides your HTML into view after a few seconds delay that you set.

So you can use it like this. You create a sidebar sign up form in a delayed text widget and set it to a 5-9 second delay. This is recognised as the average time a new visitor to your site will spend.

What will then happen is that after the page has completed drawing, then 5-9 seconds later your opt-in form will slide into view in your sidebar.

It’s very effective and I always got new sign ups from that widget form.

It fights the sidebar blindness as it pulls INSTANT attention from your reader unlike the static side bar ad.

Grab the plugin and install it in your blog NOW!

GUARANTEE: If this plugin doesn’t work for you then you can ask us to refund your money. We got this covered with our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

RIGHTS: Personal Use on unlimited domains of your own.



Backlink Super Charger

Your Backlinks are Worthless if They are Not Indexed in Google

Backlinks SuperCharger Will Quickly Index All Your Backlinks

Dear Marketer,

Would you like to charge more from your offline clients? Would you like to charge more for services that you provide online? Would you like better rankings and traffic for your own websites?

If yes then I have a good news for you

Introducing Backlink Supercharger, Here are the powerful capabilities of Backlink Supercharger:

  • Mass Ping Upto 1000 URLs at once – If you create backlinks for your clients or for your own sites, and want to actually rank on the search engines, you probably already know that a backlink won’t count if it’s not indexed in Google and other search engines. Backlink Supercharger will ping each URL at Pingomatic one by one automatically with the click of a button. Earlier you had to use either a third-party software or do it manually at  Pingomatic

  • Create RSS feeds of your backlinks – Your backlinks are much more effective if you create RSS feeds and ping them and submit them to RSS aggregators and directories. Backlink Supercharger allows you to create RSS feeds from your own domain so that you can submit them to RSS aggregators

  • Domain Indexer: Using this module you can automatically create HUNDREDS of backlinks to your domain from Website Value sites

Here’s the deal: You get the following:

  • The Backlink Super Charger Script. This is a WEB BASED application that you need to install in your web server (it’s SUPER EASY to install – NO MySQL database needed), you can see a short demo video showing the interface here:

  • User Manual describing the usage of Backlink Super Charger

Are You Ready to finally do the small change that makes a big difference in your Ranking and Traffic?

If yes, then you must get your hands on Backlink Super Charger. But you stand to gain only if you act right now.

Why You Risk
Absolutely Nothing!

If you’re like me, you hate having to risk even a penny on a speculation.

I don’t want you to risk anything when you say yes to my offer today. So I’m going to extend to you a 30 day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. For any reason (or no reason at all) you decide this product isn’t for you in the next 30 days, simply contact me and let me know. I’ll refund every penny of your purchase promptly and without question.

With that in mind, you have absolutely nothing to lose!



Music Search Engine Turnkey

Grab Your Share Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Music Download Business!

Don’t let iTunes® make all the money.

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

There are billions of dollars to be made in the Music Industry. But who makes the most and consistent money? The people who own the infrastructure – or tools.

That’s Where You Come In…

With our new Music Search Engine Affiliate Website, you’re in the perfect position to offer millions of people exactly what they seek … music downloads.

Imagine owning a high-traffic MP3 Music Search Engine where you can make money from every single link on your site.

  • If someone searches for, listens to and buys an MP3, you made money
  • If someone clicks on an AdSense link, you made money
  • If someone clicks on a product link and buys, you made money

The extra income could help pay your mortgage, rent, car payment, groceries, gas and more! Order Now.

Here’s How It Works…It’s Easy

  • You set up your Music Search Engine
  • You place free or inexpensive ads
  • People visit your Music Search Engine
  • You make money
  • It’s completely automated
  • All orders are processed for you
  • You never talk or sell to anyone

Let’s face it. It doesn’t get much easier than this to fatten your wallet on the internet, does it? But don’t take my word for it. Explore the exact same website you’ll own…

Your Income On Search Results Page

Click here for Demo

Order Now

Only $27

Turnkey Affiliate Website Income from MP3 Music Search Engine


  • You get paid 15% from Amazon.com for every MP3 and download sale (and to 8.5% anything else they might buy at Amazon).
  • You get paid to 75% from Clickbank for every sale
  • You get paid 20% from AllPosters.com for every sale
  • You get paid $20 – $140 from Google for every one hundred ad clicks. You have multiple income opportunities on every page.


  • Easy navigation.
  • Clean, pleasant design.
  • All product links takes your visitor to the product with your affiliate ID embedded in the link.
  • Money-Making AdSense text ads on the top and side of each page.
  • Clickbank text ads at the bottom and side of each page
  • RSS Artist Headlines displays regularly updated news automatically to please the search engines and your visitors
  • Social Bookmarking on every page for your visitors to refer your website to their sphere of influence.
  • Free Quick Marketing Guide
  • All Artist’ pictures and likeness are fully licensed by the Merchants and/or their Vendors

You Get…

  • Zipped PHP, PDF and graphics files for entire website by download only
  • Free Quick Marketing Guide
  • Free Installation Guide, or we can install for you (see guide)
  • Easy Install – change affiliate ID’s & upload files… That’s it!
  • Master Resell Rights (License Summary)…[YES] Includes Transferrable Master Resell Rights
    [YES] Sell on auction sites, marketplaces, anywhere
    [YES] Include In Paid Membership Sites
    [NO] Include As A Bonus To Paid Product
    [NO] Give Away for Free

Minimum Requirements

  • Unzipping software and know how to use it
  • Web hosting account for PHP 4-5
  • No database required
  • Ability to edit config file using NotePad or text editor
  • Experience uploading files via FTP or web-based

Order Now


Heri’s WP Answers

Discover How To Drip-Feed
Yahoo® answers! To Your
WordPress Blog On Auto-Pilot!

…Watch as your blog, if like magic… grows automatically with highly targeted questions & answers for your niche… 100% Guaranteed!

From: Heri Rosyadi

Dear Friend and Blog Owner,

Content is King, you’ve heard that before right?

It’s true, content is what drives traffic to your site and without it your site is like a just ghost town… lifeless and completely DEAD. And if you’re trying to sell or promote products, you guessed it. ZERO profits!

Unique content is by far the best, but writing it yourself takes time. And that’s the biggest downside, zapping your time, especially if you have multiple niche sites. Keeping a site fresh requires contant attention with new content. Leaving it even a short preriod of time could have a bad effect, resulting in less traffic…

Today I’m going to Solve That Problem for You!

If you use the WordPress blogging software, you’re in luck. Because I’m giving you access to a plugin that adds Yahoo Answers content to your blog on auto-pilot. Simple activate and setup the keyword based on your niche, and let the plugin do all the hard work!

WP answers! It not only retrieves content in the form of questions & answers from Yahoo Anwsers, the content is highly keyword targeted.

The plugin will post and drip-feed content hourly or daily, it’s your choice. Not only will it post the actual question in the form of a blog post…

It also retrieves the “best answer” and adds as a post comment…

Here’s the very simple process of adding a keyword search term:

As you can see from the image above, just 5 simple options and the search term is setup.

  1. Enter the keyword or phrase to search Yahoo answers.
  2. Enter how often you want to post a question & answer.
  3. Select one of your blog categories.
  4. Select the post author.
  5. Select if you want to publish, pending review, daft or private.

The other cool part to this plugin, you can humanize the posts, for example if you setup a keyword to post every 3 days, the humanize feature can post at random times, so it looks like a real person is updating your blog!

Here is the WORKING EXAMPLE of a blog using this plugin: (CLICK HERE TO OPEN IN NEW TAB)

Now you’re probably thinking…

Can it Really Help My Blog?

The simple answer is yes. What ever your niche, WP answers! can help keep your blog updated with fresh content, plus it’s also highly targeted. AND remember… setup the keyword one time, then it’s completely auto-pilot. How about from activation to posting just 1 minute 13 seconds!…

WP answers! Branding

The plugin has an element of branding in the form of a footer link, once the plugin is activated, it’s displayed at the bottom of the blog: Powered by Software-Script.Com

The branding is found on the following: Lite Version. Only the Elite and Developer versions, have the branding removed.

WP answers! Version Options

I’ve given you three options, from the Lite version which gives you a maximum of 25 keywords (search terms), to the Elite with unlimited keywords + the branding removed. It all depends on your requirements in the niches you target, but…

More Keywords = More Blog Content = More Traffic!

ALL versions can be installed on unlimited domains that you own.

GET YOUR LITE VERSION (25 Keywords Limit, Branded, Unlimited Sites of Your OWN):

GET YOUR ELITE VERSION (Unlimited Keywords, Unbranded, Unlimited Sites of Your OWN)


Developer license is for anyone who builds sites for their clients, or if you want to build niche blogs and sell at marketplaces such as sitepoint. The dev license does not include the right to sell the plugin on it’s own, it can only be included with the sale of a site. It’s the equal to the Elite version with no branding and can be included with unlimited sites.

WP 2.7 and higher


Affiliate Click Here

Video Sales Factory

Now you can EASILY build high converting sales videos with this easy to use script called Video Sales Factory.

Just read the details by clicking the image below:


Mass URL Pinger

Mass URL Pinger

Are You Building Backlinks but they are not getting indexed by The Search Engines? How would you like to own a professional Mass Backlink Indexing Software with Full Master Resale Rights?

TODAY You can download it for FREE by clicking the button below and follow the instruction!

ALTERNATIVELY if you are not able to follow the instruction above then you can purchase it by clicking the link below:


Hyper Viral Pages

This is a web based application that will allow you to create a SUPER viral facebook fanpage really quick.

This is the example of a fanpage I created using this application (pretty fast): Free Niche Blog FanPage

Click the image below for the details:


Powered by Software-Script.Com